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The Gigs

This is a list of the gigs that I performed at (list compiled by Nick and Pat). Nick has a complete list of gigs up to the present.
Gigs that were done using a flatbed truck are indicated with the symbol.
November 15, 1987
Massawa - HAPS Benefit
First HAFB gig.
December 1987
AIDA Christmas party
We played for the company that Nick and I worked for (Aida). I recently listened to the tape, and we were truly the "Haight Ashbury Polite Band"... plain old light dinner jazz. In spite of that, I think that our Silicon Valley coworkers were still confused. After the party, Nick, Larry, David and I jammed in the Aida lobby until around 2:00am.
March 13, 1988
Huge 60's style benefit in Golden Gate Park.
May 20, 1988
Land and Life
I remember that at this gig, Larry Drummed while his set was being torn down. Nick did a great version of his hyper homage to urban R&R "The Land of Paradise".
April 30, 1988
Spring Mobe 
I guess that this was the first Truck Gig.
May 1988
Peace Day 
June 1988
Jesse Jackson Campaign 
June 1988
Haight Street Fair 
I think that Nick could not get us a spot to play at the Haight Street Fair. Sooo... We crashed the party by driving up to intersections and playing!
June 18, 1988
Anarchist Coffee House
I believe that this is the gig where the music transitions from mostly polite to out. Listen to the version of "Take Five" from this gig.
August 20, 1988
Boedekker Park
August 1988
AIDA picnic
Again, we confused our coworkers at Aida.
September 23, 1988
Fire Victims benefit
October 12, 1988
Boedekker Park
January 1989
On the Roof
We played on the Roof of Nick and Larry's building. Why? Because the Beatles did it! Later that year, U2 did the same thing. I guess that they were copying us!
April 29, 1989
We won't take 4 more years 
May 1989
Boedekker Park
May 1989
Haight Street Fair 
June 17, 1989
Amiga Fest Day 1
I think that this was the first gig with realtime processed projected video. Also this was the gig where the infamous Bob S.... attacked the sound board ripping out cables before he was subdued. Widely reported in the Japanese Media.
June 18, 1989
Amiga Fest Day 2
Summer 1989
Martin DePorres
I recall that at this gig Larry continued drumming while an irritated stage hand tore down his kit. When the stage hand took the last piece (his cymbal), Larry followed it out to the lobby, drumming all the way. Nick mooned everyone.
Summer 1989
Nick's "batmobile" was painted under the Freeway. The kids that worked at Cirque Du Soliel helped.
Fall 1989
Peace Navy #1
First boat gig at fleet week.
Fall 1989
International Evening #1
Fall 1989
International Evening #2
Fall 1989
International Evening #3
Fall 1989
International Evening #4
Fall 1989
International Evening #5
December 1989
Prague Project Kickoff
Winter 1990
Next Stage Improv Theater
June 2, 1990
Atomic Cafe #1
First Atomic Cafe in SF.
June 21, 1990
Prague Project - Life on the Water
July 27, 1990
Surrealist movie at No-Nothing
October, 1990
Peace Navy #2 with Country Joe
Second boat gig at fleet week. Country Joe played with us.
October 20, 1990 
Anti-Mideast Intervention March 
April 20, 1990
Immortal Piano Company
Nick's former roomate Bernhard Balas lived here. It was a huge warehouse filled with dead pianos. Bernhard worked here restoring pianos. He restored my Player piano here.
May 25th, 1991 
Abandoned Warehouse Cacophony gig 
May 31, 1991
Deaf postal workers gig
Elaborate Performance orchestrated by Nick. Dancers, Clowns, Realtime Processed video, and of course pulsing rhythms of the HAFB. Unfortunately some of the revelers wanted disco.
February 8, 1992
The Atomic Cafe #2
Second Atomic Cafe in and abandoned toothpaste factory in Berkeley.
June 12, 1994 
5 year reunion/Haight St. Fair 
One more Truck gig to reunite the "Old Free Band".


Revision History

02/22/2003 (gps) Initially written

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