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Truck Gigs

Getting the Truck Ready

The Truck Gigs where probably the most fun, though they were rolling chaos. For a while we did quite a few in a row. Nick did an incredible amount of legwork to figure out how to make these work... renting the truck, the generator, getting sand bags and straps to to hold stuff down. I'm amazed that they worked at all.

At on point Nick tried unsuccessfully to get us a spot to play at the Haight Street Fair. Since we could not play at the fair, we crashed the party by driving up to intersections and playing!

I thought that playing from the truck was kind of like being in one of those TV commercials from the 60's were everyone you drove by would smile and wave to you.


After the Haight Ashbury Street Fair. From left, Peter the Hippie, Rick, Keith (the driver),
David, Pat, Nick, Larry, Steve and Kat Dunford


David and Kat Taylor


Larry Crooning like Bing Crosby


Larry again, this time no crooning


Pat, Peter the Hippie


Peter Tucker


Rob and the amused masses


Steve O taking the skin heads bowling




Steve, Nick


Finally, the amused masses


Revision History

02/22/2003 (gps) Initially written

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