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The Amiga Fair
(June 17/18, 1989)

We played at the Amiga Fair June 17/18 in 1989. This was a really fun gig. I think that Rob arranged it because he was working with Amiga computers at the time. I found a company that sold clean room suits which we wore on stage. We also had realtime video toaster projected video behind us. I think that Ellison Horne helped out with this. Players were Nick, Larry, David, Pat, Rick, Rob (Bass for part of the set) Kenny Lyon (Bass for part of the set), Peter Tucker and of course Peter the Hippie.

On the first day a gentleman (Bob S..... ) became irritated with our music and and tried to rip apart the cables on the mixing board. Since we had recorded video of the attack, Nick dashed into a studio and made a short video (Pro-Confusion). This video was shown on the screen as a part of our show the next day. A Japanese magazine wrote an article about the show including some stuff about the attack.


The article written up in Login magazine. Notice the top photos of "The Attack".


Electric Blue Nick


David playing his WX-7 wind controller


Pat's Guitar


Kenny Lyon sitting in on Bass


Larry extemporating


The gentleman seems to be talking at Pat


Red Rob


Peter Tucker




Peter the Hippie


Rick playing a WX-7


Rick and David in Mosquito Man hats


The Attack

John Hendrix and the "Gentleman" chat

John try's to defend the mixing console


John apprehends the "Gentleman" clutching our vital sound cables in hand


Revision History

03/22/2003 (gps) Initially written

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