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Roof Top Gig
(January 1989)

View from the roof of Nick and Larry's apartment Building (stitched together from 7 frame grabs from the video tape).
This is the same building (see item 11) where where where Rudolf Nureyev and Margot Fonteyn were arrested at a
hippy party in 1967. Note the visit from the Police, and the salute from the neighbor guy.


Sometime in January 1989, We played on the Roof of Nick and Larry's building. I think that Nick and Larry brewed up this idea. Why? Because the Beatles did it, because it would be fun, because it was a beautiful day to play outside! The next year, U2 did the same thing. I guess that they were copying us! Playing that day were Nick, Larry, Rob, David, Pat, Steve, Rick, Kathy and a few other sit in players. Maya shot video. We played fairly straight tunes. Some Rock, Jazz, a few originals by Nick, Steve and Rob.

At one point a police officer arrived on the ground. We thought that he was looking for us, instead he seemed to have other business. Also near the end, a gentleman (the neighbor guy) from down stairs showed up to ask us to stop.


The neighbor guy asking us to stop playing


David and Rick


Steve and Nick


Nick Man


Larry the O


Steve O












Revision History

02/22/2003 (gps) Initially written

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