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The Feed-In
(March 13, 1988)

The HAFB at the Feed-In. Nick, Rob, Peter (obscured), Rick, David, Tim, Larry, Pat, Steve.

The Feed-in was a benefit for the Haight Ashbury Switchboard. Somehow I always felt that the driving force behind it was so that we could play. It was held in Golden Gate Park (See Maya's Incredible poster). Though it happened in 1988, it was a classic GG park hippie concert, hang out event.

Players that day were Nick, Rob, Peter Tucker, Rick, David, Tim Parkhurst, Larry, Pat, Steve and Peter the Hippie dancing. We had 2 drummers that day. Maya Shot video. Larry made a digital tape using a Sony PCM converter that stored the digital audio to a BetaMax video tape. I restored a cassette copy of that tape in December 2002, and Nick has posted it at his website.


Nick Man rocking out




Peter Tucker






Tim Parkhurst








Peter the Hippie


Cosmic Lady. Listen to her Rap!


Somebody just play'n along with the band


Revision History

03/27/2003 (gps) Initially written

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