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The Peace Navy #1
(Fall 1989)

Every October San Francisco holds an event for the Navy and Marines known as "Fleet Week". The Peace Navy (info and info) runs concurrently with Fleet Week. The Peace Navy is a flotilla of anything that will float on the bay decorated with protest signs. The HAFB played for two of these events from the back of a sail boat.

Players at the first Peace Navy gig were: Nick, David, Rick, Pat, Ernst Martin on Bass and Tim Parkhurst on Drums. Maya shot video.


View from the bow. You can see Nick on the left playing his piano, and David standing up.


Part of the flotilla


Article from the Oakland Daily Herald Oct 8, 1989. David is quoted.


The HAFB setup on the deck. From left Ernst Martin, Tim Parkhurst, Pat, David, Kat (Rick's wife) Nick

David playing a foggy solo


Ernst Martin


Nick and Aircraft Carrier




Tim and Pat


Rick and GG Bridge


Tim Parkhurst



Revision History

02/22/2003 (gps) Initially written

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