Carrie's MOST excellent silk screened poster


WHSPR was the last of this line of bands.We formed WHSPR after we met Marc Hoffman who was a singer and a guitar player. The name WHSPR was made from the initials of each memberís last name.
        Chuck Whitaker
        Marc Hoffman
        Pat Scandalis
        Tim Parkhurst
        Leslie Ridgeway

WHSPR for the most part veered away from playing Prog Rock, and into playing paying gigs. We did manage to buy a PA system with some of our earnings, and for me playing was a significant part of my income for that year. By Fall 1980 we finally managed to get a couple of gigs a month.†††By January 1981, Tim, Chuck and Marc had quit.

Chuck: Only because my snobbery got the better of me and I refused to play Whip-it. Oh yeah, and there was school!

Leslie: Did we do the evil "Whip It" there? C'mon, Chuck, accept DEVO as your savior and get over it.
For a while the band was Leslie, Pat, Greg Asbury (drums), John (bass player from the Cal Poly Jazz Band), and Dave Hudson (keyboard player that we added). After January the personnel was shifting on a gig per gig basis.Sometimes Tim would drum, Sometimes Greg Asbury.† WHSPR wound down as the school year wrapped up. We wrapped things up at the end with a final REALLY FUN jam at Chuck and Carrie's Wedding. We also reunited briefly at Leslie's wedding in July 1987.