On June 27, 1981 Chuck and Carrie were married. Leslie, Dave Hudson and I played as a Trio for Chuck and Carrie's Wedding. We played "Lover Arrive" for the processional, and "Chuckie's in Love" for the recessional. Later in the evening at the reception, we had a great Jam session.

Leslie: Let's not forget Chuck and Carrie's wedding! We played at that! We did the Time Warp there, too. I remember Chuck got out of his tux as soon as he could and put on a T-shirt to play in. I was wearing that zebra striped thing. So we can always say, we played BALLARD.


Chuck looking Frazzeled on his Wedding Day



Dave Hudson, Pat and Leslie play "Lover Arrive"

and "Chuckie's in Love" for the ceremony


Pat and Leslie playing during the processional



Jam after the wedding!



Leslie and Chuck, probably

singing "Blue Bayou"



Brett and Pat. Notice the black death

distortion box on the ground. Brett made

this for me, and I still use it to this day.
Also on the left you can see my "Talk Box".







Front: Dave Hudson, Tim, Chuck

Back: Pat, Leslie, Brett