This section about WHSPR was written by Gregory Pat Scandalis June/December 2002 with contributions provided by Chuck Whitaker, Leslie Ridgeway, Tim Parkhurst (October/November 2002).


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During my college years at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, I played in a lot of different types of musical groups. 1976-1983 was an incredibly creative period of time for me. In addition to studying for a BS in Physics and a minor in Music, I was a member of a series of different kinds of groups. A Country Rock band (Genoa), a Prog Rock band (Atlantis/Helix), a gigging cover band (WHSPR), A parody band (Weird Al Band), a Duo (Syberia), and a Jazz Big Band (Cal Poly Jazz Band).

- Gregory Pat Scandalis, December 2002

WHSPR was the cumulation of a string of bands from Spring 1979 to spring 1981 with mostly the same core group of people.  The bands where Atlantis, Helix, Slip-Stream, WHSPR and the Weird Al Band.


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