We got together again July 4, 1987 to play at Leslie's Wedding. Chuck, Tim, Tim's wife Jane, and I played the Talking Head's "This Must be the Place" during the ceremony. We also played an unrehearsed set at the reception as well.

Leslie: And yes, my wedding - that was a lot of fun. I liked singing with you, too, Chuck. Wasn't there some song that I always let you sing just one word on? Was it a Santana song? Was it "Black Magic Woman" and you were the one to go "HUH!" at the end?

Tim: At Les' wedding, Pat, my ex Jane, and I played The Talking Heads' This Must be the Place" during the ceremony. Jane played rhythm guitar, Pat played guitar, keyboard (my Casio CZ-101 synth) and I played a few real percussion instruments and 4 percussion samples on Pat's little Casio SK-1 sampler. Pat's Mattel rhythm machine provided a basic beat. We were sort of a proto techno band. Everything was battery powered, so I guess we could have just played in the street if we wanted. I always wanted to do a portable techno band actually. Came off pretty good as I recall. At the reception later, Pat, Chuck, Les and I played "Barracuda."

Leslie: I also remember you all playing "This Must Be The Place" by Talking Heads at the wedding. It really sounded fantastic.