Leslie had a radio show on the college station (KCPR). Her jock name was "Jackie Daniels". I think that Weird Al's radio show was right after her's and she wound up being friends with him. Before Al graduated, he wanted to perform at Cal Poly. This was about a year or two after he had a hit with "My Bologna" and "Another one Rides the Bus". I guess that Leslie connected us up with him. We got together, and had a couple of rehearsals at the Branch Street House. We were set to play in the Quad, on Dec 4, 1980. We weren't able to play because the gig was rained out.  However, a the campus paper carried an article about us.


Back: Marc Hoffman, Chuck Whitaker (other people)

Front, Tim Parkhurst, Weird Al, Pat Scandalis


I recall that Weird Al recorded a song based in the Knack's "My Baby Talks Dirty" called "My Baby Likes Burping". Leslie's sister Lindsey provided the continuous stream of burps needed for this mega hit.