The Branch Street house was the nexus of lots of stuff during the 1980/1981 school year.  We made this house our rehearsal space.  The living room was set up permanently for rehearsing. People were always moving in/out.  At first Chuck and Carrie and Tim lived there.  Later Chuck and Carrie moved out, and I moved in. Marc lived there at one point, Randy Jones (drummer from my first band) lived there for a while, also these dudes Fritz and Johnny.  Eventually Namu “The Killer Land Lord” got fed up with all the comings and goings. But that is another LONG story. 

Chuck: Carrie and I lived at Branch street with you guys that summer (Namu, the Killer Landlord!!!)--I asked Carrie to marry me there. One weekend morning, in a rather frisky mood, I put on one of Carrie's black negligees and jumped into bed with a sleepy Timmy. He was not as amused as I would have thought and I think never looked at me quite the same after that. Always seemed to keep his distance. We rented a house on High Street once school started.

Tim: That was you!?!?! ;) Don't take it personally Chuck, I wouldn't be awake if Cindy Crawford hopped into bed with me before 10 AM. However, you've got a cute little butt if I recall.
At one point Tim borrowed an ARP 2600 Analog Synth, and had it set up in the living room. This was a big contraption that looked like a telephone switchboard with lots of cables to connect the components. I recall that he came up with this very cool rumbley patch that sounded like thunder

Me in the kitchen of the Branch Street house

wearing lots o’ guitars.   The black guitar body

that has chunks chiseled out was going to be

a percussion controller that Tim was building

for an analog synth. Notice the can of WD-40 on

the counter? We had an ant problem, and Tim

used this as a blow torch to solve it.



Leslie in my room prior to a gig



Me in my room.  Right

ARP Avatar Guitar Synth



Brett the sound engineer



Leslie in my room/light painting.

Band posters on the wall



Light painting of my guitar



A guitar that I wanted to build

(... and I still want to build someday)!