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The Gigs


Spring 1979

Atlantis plays in the Quad at the Cal Poly Student Union.

Spring 1980

Helix plays in front of Castle Music

Spring 1980

Helix plays in the Quad at the Cal Poly Student Union. I recall that it was a Prog Rock set, and that I had bolted my 12 or so gizmo boxes on to a “pedal board” that was about the size of a door.

Spring 1980

Helix, Poly Royal (Architecture Plaza, Main Stage).

July 5, 1980     

Slip Stream Mission Plaza.  Also that evening we played in the Dark Room. Lionel set this gig up for us.  This is where we made our first Dollar and Deutsch Mark.


Aug 1980                     

Dark Room Gig

Aug 1980                    

A Wedding gig in the wine cellar of the Madonna Inn.

Aug 15, 16, 1980        

Happy Jacks in Morro Bay  Chuck narrowly avoids a fight with a drunk who demands that we play “Willy Nelson”.

Summer 1980

Leslie: We played a backyard party for Lulu Coaucaud's mother, over at Laguna. Couldn't tell you when, but it was cold out. Remember, Marc was friends with their family somehow. Lulu's mom got spectacularly drunk and told us she knew Janis Joplin.

Aug 22, 1980              

Battle of the Bands

Late Aug, 1980           

30’Th Birthday party, the gig where our manager kept some of our money

Sept 1980                   

WOW dance

Oct 24, 25, 1980        

The Dark Room

Nov, 22, 1980            

Fremont Hall Formal Dance

Nov 30, Dec1, 1980    

Shenandoah Club.  This gig was covering for a local band “Magic” who could not play that weekend.  I think that the  promoters hated us after this gig.  If we had stayed together, we  would have had to change our name again.  Greg Asbury   drummed for this gig.  This may be the first gig with Dave Hudson on keyboards.


Dec 4, 1980

Weird Al Gig in the Quad at Cal Poly.  We were rained out and never played.

Jan  1981

Happy Jacks again. This is the gig where I decided that the band was interfering with my school work.

Feb 1981,  Valentines Day  

Morro Bay High School.  I recall that Greg Asbury drummed for  this gig.  We also kissed and made up with Marc Hoffman, and he played with us as well.  I recall that these kids loved us

Spring 1981

Paso Robles High School Prom.  We cleared ‘em out!

Spring 1981                

A Sorority ball at Trade Nicks in Shell Beach.  Tim showed up as a guest singer for the last song, the Time Warp.


Spring 1981

Another Madonna Inn Gig. This one is very foggy to me. I think that it was in the upstairs room over the checkin office for the hotel.


June 27, 1981

Chuck and Carrie's Wedding

July 4, 1987

Leslie's Wedding. Chuck, Tim, Tim's wife Jane, and Pat play Talking Head's "This Must be the Place". We played an unrehearsed set later at the reception.

Fall 2006 Pat, Leslie, Chuck and Tim jam at Pat's house. Funny the tunes were still there!