We were hired to play for the Cal Poly Week of Welcome (WOW) dance. We made a tape of that gig as well. I recall that I burned out my amp half way through the gig, and had to switch to Marc's Amp. My guitar has never sounded as good as the moments before my amp fried.

Chuck: As I recall, Time warp was a HUGE hit at the WOW dance, clearly our biggest audience ever. They didn't even notice that Pat fried his amp, and that my amp was so cranked and so distorted, I had no idea what I was playing

Leslie: Yes, that was a night to remember! The Time Warp cleared the benches, so to speak. All those hands in the air at once ... I felt like I was in a "real band."

Tim: Yes, Pat literally fried his amp. He had it tilted back to hear it better, but that obviously interfered with the air flow through the thing. The back of the amp was glowing a bright cherry red. It sounded AWESOME just before it went! We borrowed a replacement from...<Marc>? We had started playing Time Warp partially on the insistence of my then girlfriend Beth Cruz. She was a huge Rocky Horror fan. Turned out to be a pretty popular tune. I don't think I've ever heard another cover band do it to tell you the truth. The Beach Boys "ooo Wee OOOooo" backing vocals were a funny accident. It just sounded right. ;) The WOW dance started off on a big miscue. Mark's friend Ross was running sound and was supposed to play the symphonic intro to the Close Encounters sound track. There's this slow, creepy, dissonant crescendo and then all of the sudden the orchestra gives a big loud "BAP!" We were supposed to launch into a tune right at that moment, but the tape was not turned up enough and we all missed it.

Les: I forgot entirely about that Close Encounters thing. Ha ha! Anticlimactic start to the night. But it sure ended well with the Time Warp. And thanks for giving appropriate credit to Beth for getting us to do the song. She joined us on it several times, didn't she?
I think that Tim had the ARP 2600 there as well. He used it to make lots of noise during the intro.