We played a couple of times at this biker bar (a dive) Morro Bay called "Happy Jacks". We recorded a tape of one of the gigs, on Aug 16, 1980 (A Saturday night). I recall at the Aug gig, that Chuck narrowly avoided a fight with a drunk who demanded that we play "Willie Nelson".

Chuck: 1) Marc Hoffman saying before the gig--" why does the name Happy Jacks seem so familiar?" and then once we drove up he said, " Oh yeah, we used to come here all the time when I drove an ambulance!!!" 2) The bartender showing us the hole in the wall where the bullet struck after passing through and killing her husband. 3) A five piece band in a spot intended for an acoustic guitar player. I remember standing on 7 miles of cable.

Leslie: I remember the bartender's grisly story, and the small stage. I also remember I was wearing a white shirt, black vest and jeans, and I had short hair ... I heard a couple of bar patrons wondering whether I was male or female as I was putting on lipstick, and one said, "That better be a girl if she's putting on lipstick." I also remember getting a $5 tip from a customer when I was singing some blues song.

Tim: The gig at Happy Jacks was an evening of not being able to hear each other playing. The acoustics were particularly terrible and I couldn't tell what the hell was going on. I remember a few patrons saying the drums weren't loud enough...when was the last time you heard THAT?


Carrie's Poster for one of the Happy Jacks gigs


We played at Happy Jacks again in Jan 1981 (I think that it was a Thursday night) This time, the band lineup had shifted. Chuck, Tim and Marc had all quit. So it was Leslie, me, Greg Asbury (drums), John (bass player from the Cal Poly Jazz Band), and Dave Hudson. At this point it was starting to not be fun for me anymore. After the gig, at 2:00 am, I had to schlepp the 200lb Hammond Organ out of my truck and into the living room. I managed to do it, but it took me 2 hours. I was in bed by 4:00am, but I had Quantum Mechanics the next morning at 8:00am. I decided at that point, getting my Physics degree was much more important than music. The band pretty much went into statis at this point only coming back together a few times for paying gigs.