This was a gig covering for a local band "Magic" who could not play that weekend. I think that the promoters hated us after this gig. If we had stayed together, we would have had to change our name again. Greg Asbury drummed for this gig.


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Leslie: I remember some ultra-cool woman promoter coming to hear us and saying, "I like your act," and booking us. I thought, "OOOH, 'I like your act.'" Guess they didn't like it THAT much. I thought we played that place twice. I remember it was at this club that a man approached me and told me I needed to wear sexier outfits like the woman in "Magic." (I also remember seeing that woman and one of the guys from that band check us out one night at the Dark Room. I saw them play one night at Howard Johnson's and wondered what all the fuss was about. They did a version of "Over The Rainbow" and I was not impressed but the crowd loved it.)


Marc and Leslie



Dave Hudson (keyboards, hidden), Marc, Leslie, Pat,

Greg Asbury, Chuck


Dave Hudson , Marc, Leslie, Pat,

Greg Asbury, Chuck