At the beginning of my senior year of high school (1975) I finally felt ready to play in a "band". I got together with a few of my classmates and we did the usual garage/living room rehearsals. At that time, band names were really important. We would spend hours discussing great names for bands. We named the band "Midsummer". The name was shamelessly stolen from a friend of mine, Peter Curzon.

Randy Jones played Drums (Later Randy was my room-mate at the Branch Street House). Steve Foster played Bass ( Later Steve became the bass player for Genoa). Dean Millar had a little electric piano, and I played Guitar.

I think that we learned 3 songs. "You and Me" by the Moody Blues, "One" by Three Dog Night, "Closer to Home" by Grand Funk railroad. At the time "Closer to Home" seemed like a great song because you could play it for 20 minutes, and if you really got a gig, you could play it twice!

I recall that this band lasted for just a few months, and never played anywhere.

The members of my first band Midsummer.
Steve Foster, Randy Jones, Dean Millar and me in 1975.

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