Where is everyone now?


After WHSPR, Leslie and I briefly played in a duo called Syberia (1981-1983?). In addition to getting my BS in Physics I studied for a Minor in Music, played for 2 years with the Cal Poly Jazz Band (1981-1983) and did some Big Band arranging (for the Cap Poly Jazz Band). From 1987 - 1990 I played with a very weird group called the Haight Ashbury Free Band. Its history is even more convoluted than WHSPR's. In 1990 Tim and I briefly did some studio recordings under the name VOT (Victims of Technology). In 1998, I wrote and arranged some Trio music for my wedding. From 1994-2001 I was fortunate to be able to shift my career to Music Technology (Audio Physical Modeling), first as a researcher at Stanford/CCRMA, and then as a founder of Staccato Systems Inc. Currently, I'm finally setting up a home recording studio, and I'm spending time with my new daughter Jasmine. My personal website is http://www.scandalis.com.
This second incarnation of Ann Wilson dabbled in the journalism field for a short 14 years before finding the real pot of gold in media relations. After three years of "flacking" at a hospital in San Diego, Ridgeway in March moved on to "flacking" for the (deep breath) San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency, where she now slops from the public trough with great abandon. More importantly, she is in hot pursuit of a writing career, having completed her first short story, and is working on a novel and a one-act play. She doesn't sing much in public anymore (thanks to the restraining order), but looks forward to fitting singing in to her busy schedule soon, as well as learning how to play the vibraphone, because Lionel Hampton has passed and someone needs to pick up the mallets. In her free time, she enjoys visiting with her long-distance love Terry Hunter Wells (cool name, huh?), who she hopes will come to live in the same town as her soon, very soon. She still gets a Christmas card from Weird Al every year, as well as a short e-mail from him on her birthday. Her mom and dad say hi and Lindsey says "BRAAAAP."
Chuck says that he is "Saving the world with solar energy..."


Name: Tim Parkhurst, Timo Instrument: Guitar (don't tell my girlfriend I'm actually a drummer)
Height: 3.11 Cubits Weight: 11.78 Stone Measurements: Still waiting for tape measure marked in cubits… [Pat: What's a Cubit?]
Sign: No Parking (ba-doomp chi!)
Bio: Shortly after being asked to leave office, Senator Parkhurst has continued his career with executive accounting positions at World Com, Enron, Merrill Lynch, Pets.Com and Webvan. These days I'm working as a Mechanical Designer / Drafter. Got my A.S. and sloooooowwwwwwwwly working on a B.S.M.E.
Hobbies: Things that go "meow," "zoom" and "ooh, baby!"
Turn Ons: See above.
Turn Offs: Staplers, plastic tumblers, the alphabet.
Favorite Movies: Star Wars, Emperor's New Groove, Ice Age, Rocketship X-M (the MST3K version)
Favorite Books: 3D Studio Max 4 Bible, AutoCAD User's Guide, SolidWorks Advanced Reference Manual (this is so pitiful…)
Web Site: http://home.earthlink.net/~timservo2/
Favorite Quotes: "The two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity." - Harlan Ellison "Imagination is more important than knowledge." - Albert Einstein
"Define 'A naked romp at taxpayer's expense…' " - Former Senator Tim Parkhurst to Senate Judiciary committee
"I've got a dog bigger than you." - Generic 7th grade bully
"Yeah, too bad that dog is the brains of the family." - Tim Parkhurst in the 7th grade
Marc Hoffman is the Editor in Chief of the Planned Giving Design Center.
Greg is a high school football coach in Idaho.
Brett Stewart (WHSPR Sound Engineer)
Chuck: Stewart? My old roommate? No, although Carrie swears this hermit that lives in the creek by us is Bret (I don't believe he is...). Last time I saw him, he and his long time girlfriend Linda had bought a house in Santa Barbara and he was working as a Civil Engineer for the State or County. But that was probably 15 years ago...

Dave Hudson (WHSPR Keyboards)


Dave Cutter (HELIX Keyboards)

John (Helix Bass)
John (Bass from the Cal Poly Jazz Band)