Poster for the Battle of the Bands (Aug 1980)


We played a battle of the bands and I thought that we won! However, Chuck and Tim tell me came in third.  Our final song was “The Time Warp” from the Rocky Horror Picture Show.  I smashed up a $20 guitar that I had tricked out with electrical tape and a bunch of junk.  I had a chain for a guitar strap, and a tiny vise grip pliers for a tuning pine. Today, this guitar (along with another) hangs in pieces in my garden shed. 


The smash-up guitars.  I used one for the

Battle of the Bands, and the second is from

another gig

Chuck: Actually, I think we came in third, but I like your version better. I remember having an argument with the heavy metal band who had all their groupies there who felt they should go on last since they were going to win anyway. And there was a power trio, and I recall the drummer really tore it up that night and got them first place. Out third place prize money was actually the money Lionel got for the 30th bd gig which he told us they wouldn't pay.

Tim: I think we came in second or third too. I do remember that we at least beat "The Shawn Theis Group." The power trio that came in first REALLY kicked some ass. The did amped up Police-like tunes, and the drummer was really good. I forget his name, but I do recall that he was right handed but set his kit up left handed so that he played "open" (as opposed to most drummers who use the right hand crossed to the left to play the hi-hat and the left hand crossed under to the right to play the snare). I also remember that we did the Time Warp and Pat destroyed the guitar we had driven to LA to scrounge up. Well, we were in LA to gawk at music stores, but Pat ended up getting a few $5 guitars and putting them together to make one instrument able to hold together for a few tunes. The vise-grip tuner was a nice touch. I also remember that I jumped to the end of Time Warp one measure too soon and Pat had to throw the guitar off and start thrashing it about as the song disintegrated around him...

Leslie: Yes, Chuck, I remember that we didn't come in first, either. I remember a band of kids younger than us who were nice at first and then started cutting us down as the night went on saying they were much better, etc. etc. Ah, the thrill of competition.