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Christmas Card 1991


In 1991 I had access to an early version of Photoshop, a scanner, and a film writer.  I created an elaborate digital photograph for my card along with a poem. A tiny image of the previous year's card is on the screen of the underwater Mac.



The Elf-eteers...


After last year's fiasco,

the Elves came to Nick.

"DUDE..., we'll not Bungee this year,

you're ideas are sick!"


"Now Elfin", said Claus,

Please DON'T be so blubbery!"

“Who'd have known that you'd miss,

and land in the shrubbery".


So Nick started his pitch,

he'd have to talk fast.

For if there was mutiny,

this might be the last.


"I've a better idea,

for this year besides".


I’ll not take to the skys".


“The cold war is over,

there's submarines to spare".

“We'll use them to fire rockets,

delivery by air!"


"We'll shower the presents,

a gift for each child".

("...Elf-folks, don't you see,   It'll be totally dialed...” )


"And when the night's over,

a gift for the old".

"No more missiles (I hope...) ,

we'll have used them up cold".


Old Nick's pitch must have worked,

for they came to agree,


...to be strapped to the rockets,

and launched from the sea.


© 1991 Gregory Pat Scandalis




Pat Scandalis.......Photography, Image Processing, Models

Scott Snyder..............................Underwater Photography

Tim Parkhurst............Starfish, Artistic License (Local #436)


The image processing on this card was done using Adobe Photoshop™ on an Apple Macintosh computer.  The image was written directly to 35mm slide film with a film recorder.



In 1991, I baked carrot cakes.  Here is the label for the cakes.



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