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Christmas Card 1990


In Oct of 1990, I did a bungee jump dressed as Santa (QuickTime Movie). 

I used photo’s of this for my Christmas card.  I also wrote a
poem to go along with this.


The Legend of the Bungee Elves


Not long ago, St. Nick came to light,

“There’s too many people to reach in one night!”.

He hired some experts, paid consultants who’re wise,

to find better ways to beat the sunrise.


The Image Consultants said, “Nick, its the suit”,

“What you need is spandex and leathers to boot!”.

The Systems Consultants said “DELIVER BY WIRE!”,

“You can work from your PC while warmed by the fire”.


St. Nick said , “Heeey Maaan ... Now this isn’t right”,

“I’ve a crack team of Elves for whom falling’s no fright”.

“They’ll drop from the sky, each one with a gift”,

“Down through the chimney, BOING, right back up with a lift!!”

“They’ll moonwalk and wiggle (and giggle I think!)”,

and “Oh, so much faster”, he said with a wink.


So remember this Christmas,

to look out for these.

For Elves sometimes miss,


... and land in the trees.


© 1990 Gregory Pat Scandalis

Photos by Scott Snyder and Pierre Wildman.

Thanks to St. Nick Poracaro for the “Hey Man”.



Here is the label for the fruit cakes that I baked that year. 1990 was the last year that I made fruit cakes.



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