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Welcome to Chris and Pat's 2001 Flower Garden Photos

Here's us in front of our wildflower garden with pink, blue and purple Larkspur. Pat's Father gave us the seeds last year, and all of these larkspur came back on their own.

Here is another view of the wildflower garden. White Peony Poppy, Black Peony Poppy (which is really wine colored) and Shirley Poppies.

These are Mexican desert tree poppies (Matilja Poppies). Each poppy is the size of a hand. This bush has grown to around 15 ft wide, and is covered with flowers.

Chris and Molly hanging out on the lawn.

This is a Rose-Chiffon California Poppy.

We finally put in raised beds and ground cover in our vegetable garden. We are growing onions, garlic, beans, bok choi, egg plants, 12 kinds of peppers, strawberries, basil, cilantro, snow peas, flowering sweet peas and sun flowers.

Here are the flowering sweet peas which border our vegetable garden (very fragrant).

This our new Table which Pat built.

This is an unusual Blue Hibiscus (Flowers are small, 2 inches).

We got this Flamenco Lineria from the specialty nursery (Annie's Annuals) where we get our unusual poppies.

This is a Tibetan Poppy. Its hard to grow, requires shade/moisture, and is spikey like a thistle.

This is Elegant Clarkia, a California Native that has been domesticated (Also from Annie's Annuals). We have seen these while hiking.

This is a rare South African Poppy. It is also spikey like a thistle.

This is a Flemish-Antique poppy.

Molly Bear sleeping, her favorite past-time.

Hope you enjoyed our flowers,

- Chris and Pat

[Chris and Pat's home]