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Welcome to Chris and Pat's Remodel Progress pages

6/2/2005 - First day of demo


6/3/2005 - Second day of demo


6/4/2005 - One wall left


6/6/2005 - Wall for underground utilities and Fireplace.


6/02/2005 - Old WW II era aluminium wires in the walls, BAD!


8/14/2005 - First Story Framing near complete


8/15/2005 - Second Story Started


8/20/2005 - Second Story Progress


8/20/2005 - Dining room looking toward Balcony


8/26/2005 - House taking shape


10/24/2005 Roof is on


12/12/2005 Shingles are on, windows are in


1/19/2006 Primer is on the shingles


1/30/2006 paint and trim


3/20/2006 Cobbles, Slate, Paint and Gate

7/26/2006, Landscaping complete






Dining Area


Satellite image of the Kitchen and Dining Area


Looking back at the Kitchen from the Great Room


Stove Detail


Looking Up From Kitchen


Music Area


View of the Garden from the Great Room

Guest Room


Guest Loft Area


Master Bedroom


Master Bath


Jasmine's Room (complete with clouds, stars and planets)

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