The Paso Robles
School Prom
(Spring 1981)


Some time in the spring we decided to push our luck and do one gig.

Chuck: There was the Paso Robles high school prom where we were auditioned 2 or 3 times by four kids who loved us. But when we did the gig, we cleared the room because we didn't play any disco. I also remember Pat's little truck almost not making it up Cuesta with it's full load...

Pat: BTW, I recall the Paso Robles HS gig now. The few kids left in the room wanted us to play "Stairway to Heaven" as the last song. Even though we had never played it, we played it anyway.

Chuck: That's right! The four kids and the three chaperones that were left.

Leslie: Yeah, I remember that Paso Robles gig and how incredible it was that those kids auditioned us so many times and then we weren't what the crowd wanted. They asked us to play the Commodores. You'd have thought THEY would be the ones to ask for Willie Nelson, being in Paso and all. We should have renamed ourselves "Skunk" that night - we cleared the room as effectively as one. As for "Stairway to Heaven," as I recall, we did that for the only two kids who stayed behind to listen to us. The girl was a singer and guitar player and the boy asked us if we would let her sing on stage. She did the acoustic part first, and I remember Chuck and Pat and Tim getting back up on stage and joining in with her on the heavy metal part, and I thought that boy was going to burst out of his skin. He was so excited and so proud of her. So it all turned out well, for those two, at least. Dave had that M-3 organ and we had to lug it in and out of Pat's truck. Holy mackerel. Dave Cutter's piano was MUCH easier.

Tim: I recall the <Paso Robles> HS gig. Yeah, we cleared the room. Playing "Stairway to Heaven" with the kid from the school was kind of fun. She got a huge kick out of it.