Gregory Pat Scandalis
(650) 988-0627 (Voice)

Gregory Pat Scandalis, I am an Engineering Manager/Software Developer with over 23 years of experience developing and managing Software Engineering organizations in the Audio, Microprocessor, System Design, EDA software and Semiconductor industries. My focus is building or contributing to software organizations that develop ship and support revenue generating products.



Software Development


Technology Evaluation, System Architecture, Windows (Win32/WinCE) Programming, Unix/Linux Programming, NeXTStep/OpenStep/Cocoa Programming, Audio Programming, Development Environment Setup, Engineering Process Automation, Whitebox Test Development Documentation, Network Admin C/C++/Objective-C, PERL, TCL, HTML, Cygwin, Lex/Yacc, Emacs, Perforce, CVS



Engineering Management


Product Development Management

Engineering Team Bootstrapping

Process Assessment and Development

Development Environment Design

Requirements Analysis

Project Scheduling

Resource Cost and Allocation Planning

Customer Relationships (Technical)


Technical Diligence

Word, Excel, Project, PowerPoint Visio, Photoshop, DreamWeaver



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